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LANGE’S TAGLINE MIGHT BE “NEVER STAND STILL”, BUT IT BROUGHT THE TOUR­BIL­LON TO THE NEXT LEVEL BY BRING­ING IT TO A HALT. The tour­bil­lon was in­vented some two cen­turies ago, with the main pur­pose of achiev­ing a greater rate of ac­cu­racy. The ques­tion that baf­fled Lange move­ment de­sign­ers: Why had no one cre­ated a way to in­stantly and pre­cisely stop a tour­bil­lon for op­ti­mal ac­cu­racy when set­ting the watch? So, they did.

In 2008, the world’s first tour­bil­lon with a stopsec­onds func­tion was launched in the rec­tan­gu­lar Cabaret Tour­bil­lon, a model which has since been dis­con­tin­ued. The patented stop-sec­onds mech­a­nism, how­ever, lives on in Lange watches such as the Dato­graph Per­pet­ual Tour­bil­lon: When the crown is pulled, it trig­gers a chain of me­chan­i­cal ac­tions that re­sults in the stop­ping of the bal­ance wheel and the tour­bil­lon cage.

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