The Peak Selections: Timepieces - - Reviews -

The watch fea­tures a vis­ually in­ter­est­ing striped black dial that re­minded the re­viewer of pin­stripes on a suit. (A vari­ant fea­tures a Clous de Paris hob­nail pat­tern.) The de­tail­ing, in Pan­erai’s sig­na­ture clean and bold style, is ex­cep­tional. The hour and minute hands are sub­stan­tial, and filled with ecru Su­per­lu­mi­nova. The sec­ond time zone is in­di­cated by a black hand with a Su­per­lu­mi­nova-tipped ar­row. The same ecru lume is used on the mark­ers, mak­ing the watch supremely leg­i­ble un­der all light­ing con­di­tions.

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