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Fran­cois Cza­pek was a Polish emi­gre who set­tled in Geneva. There, he met fel­low coun­try­man An­toine Nor­bert de Patek, and they es­tab­lished the short-lived watchmaking com­pany Patek, Cza­pek & Cie. Patek went on to part­ner Jean-Adrien Philippe (giv­ing rise to the com­pany known to­day as Patek Philippe), while Cza­pek founded Cza­pek & Cie with Juliusz Gruzewski. Cza­pek’s watches were a huge hit; he was even named Watch­maker to the Im­pe­rial Court by Napoleon III. Sadly, his name and com­pany fell into obliv­ion af­ter his death in 1873.

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