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Un­veiled in 2007, the first Innovision came packed with 10 tech­ni­cal ad­vances, sev­eral of which paved the way for move­ment-im­prov­ing mech­a­nisms such as Uly­choc, a novel monobloc shock­ab­sorp­tion sys­tem con­structed en­tirely in sil­i­con. A decade later, Ulysse Nardin re­veals the Innovision 2, a fol­low-up that – like its pre­de­ces­sor – fea­tures 10 tech­ni­cal in­no­va­tions.


The Dual Con­stant Es­cape­ment com­bines el­e­ments from two ex­ist­ing Ulysse Nardin es­cape­ments – the Dual Di­rect Es­cape­ment and the Ulysse An­chor Es­cape­ment – for greater ef­fi­ciency and bet­ter isochro­nism. Sim­ply put, this con­stant-force es­cape­ment lets the watch run longer on a full wind, while re­main­ing ac­cu­rate as its main­spring runs down.

Also new is a skele­tonised bal­ance wheel with four gold weights on its rim, a de­sign that max­imises the bal­ance’s in­er­tia as it os­cil­lates, yet min­imises the over­all mass of the sys­tem – again for pre­ci­sion and ef­fi­ciency. “Pad­dles” at the end of the bal­ance wheel’s “spokes” smooth out air tur­bu­lence within the watch case as the bal­ance os­cil­lates. Fi­nally, a hy­per-ef­fi­cient self-wind­ing mech­a­nism, dubbed “Grinder”, uses springs, ratch­ets and ball­bear­ings to utilise the tini­est move­ments of the wrist for wind­ing the main­spring.


Al­though a new bal­ance and es­cape­ment may be costly and limited to more tech­ni­cally fo­cused watches in the near fu­ture, the Innovision 2 con­tains plug-and-play fea­tures that can be im­ple­mented in reg­u­lar pro­duc­tion watches eas­ily, such as Grinder – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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