Blend­ing the DNA of Hublot’s MP and Big Bang se­ries gives rise to a (rather) wear­able Master­piece.

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Up close with one of Hublot’s most wear­able Master­piece mod­els yet.


Hublot’s MP (i.e. Master­piece) col­lec­tion has al­ways shown off the man­u­fac­ture’s cra­zier side, with its timepieces fea­tur­ing need­lessly com­pli­cated move­ments inside com­plex, over­sized cases. The Big Bang MP-11 this year con­tin­ues the theme, but comes ready for cross­over ap­peal by strad­dling both the MP and the iconic Big Bang col­lec­tions. This par­tic­u­lar ref­er­ence has a 3-D car­bon case (more on this be­low) hold­ing the HUB9011 move­ment, which packs a 14-day power re­serve thanks to seven bar­rels ar­ranged in se­ries. Wind­ing the watch by hand may take a while; Hublot has in­cluded an elec­tric Torx sty­lus that should make wind­ing up the watch a lit­tle eas­ier.


The Big Bang MP-11 has taken Hublot’s Big Bang case and kept its fa­mil­iar shape, but mod­i­fied it in var­i­ous ways to make it truly wor­thy of its MP des­ig­na­tion. Note how the bezel and crys­tal have a pro­nounced ridge to ac­com­mo­date the stack of bar­rels that gives the watch its ex­ten­sive power re­serve, or how the case mid­dle is sap­phire to al­low the move­ment to be ad­mired. The case it­self uses ul­tra-light and re­sis­tant 3-D car­bon, which is pro­duced by weav­ing the car­bon fi­bre threads in a three-di­men­sional pat­tern first. This ex­plains its unique sur­face pat­terns, which typ­i­cal car­bon com­pos­ites can­not cre­ate, as they are com­posed of stacked two-di­men­sional sheets of wo­ven car­bon fi­bre in­stead.


At 45mm, the Big Bang MP-11 isn’t ter­ri­bly over­sized, but still feels chunky due to its thick­ness and the ridge on the top of its case. Its car­bon com­pos­ite con­struc­tion, how­ever, makes its 90g feel light, and the rub­ber strap helps to main­tain this feel­ing. But be warned: a watch of this cal­i­bre de­mands an equally out­sized per­son­al­ity to pull it off.

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