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It is the first Rolls-Royce with four-wheel drive, fold­able bench seats and a rear wind­screen wiper. Oh, and also its first SUV. We check out how the Cul­li­nan breaks the mould. www.rolls-royce­mo­tor­cars.com

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It is easy to en­gi­neer a car to not cause you to spill your cham­pagne on Knights­bridge; much harder to con­tain the Cristal within its flute on the rugged Ru­bi­con Trail. For this task, Rolls-Royce’s boffins thor­oughly rethought the Cul­li­nan’s driv­e­train. The air struts in the air sus­pen­sion has been beefed up to add more cush­ion­ing, and a com­puter makes mil­lions of cal­cu­la­tions per sec­ond to ac­count for ruts and rocks. The shocks also ac­tively push a wheel into the ground, should it de­tect a loss in trac­tion in that cor­ner.


You give up noth­ing by go­ing off-road. Some tra­di­tions do not change; the Cul­li­nan re­tains the mar­que’s sig­na­ture coach doors for eas­ier egress (and, yes, the doors still re­veal that clever hid­den um­brella when they open). In­side the cabin, typ­i­cal Roll­sRoyce touches such as seats and fas­cia clad in the best leather re­main, and the dash is sim­i­larly adorned with the fa­mil­iar book­matched wood ve­neer. Just wipe down your grubby boots be­fore you en­ter, won’t ya?


While pick­ing the fixed in­di­vid­ual rear seats over the stan­dard fold­able bench ap­pears to miss the point of an SUV, Rolls-Royce cus­tomers are un­likely to ferry their Ikea flat­pack fur­ni­ture in their Cul­li­nan any­way. Un­less they have a wicked sense of hu­mour. The ben­e­fit of the for­mer op­tion, be­sides the fixed cen­tre con­sole for the drinks cab­i­net, is the glass par­ti­tion that iso­lates the cabin from the lug­gage com­part­ment. That means the bell­hops can take their time to load your bags, with­out pol­lut­ing your space with ex­haust fumes.

03 USB- C

A small but note­wor­thy point: Rolls has sup­plied five charg­ing ports in the Cul­li­nan – in the lat­est USB-C flavour. The ditch­ing of “legacy” USB Type A sock­ets, which vir­tu­ally all new cars still come with for back­ward com­pat­i­bil­ity, proves that the man­u­fac­turer is not just pay­ing lip ser­vice when it says that it hopes to cap­ture a younger gen­er­a­tion of one-per­centers who would nat­u­rally not be caught dead with last year’s tech­nol­ogy.


While you could al­ready fit a pic­nic ham­per in the trunk of your Rolls-Royce, the Cul­li­nan takes the con­cept fur­ther. It of­fers in­ter­change­able trays called Recre­ation Mod­ules, which house all the equip­ment spe­cific to your in­ter­est, be it drone rac­ing, fly fish­ing or pho­tog­ra­phy. The mo­torised draw­ers are made by com­mis­sion at the Roll­sRoyce Be­spoke Col­lec­tive, so ex­pect a per­fect fit for all your para­pher­na­lia.

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