AERO DY­NAMIC A unique time­piece that’s in­spired by im­prac­ti­cal au­to­mo­bile de­signs of yore is a lot more wear­able than it looks.

A unique time­piece in­spired by im­prac­ti­cal au­to­mo­bile de­signs of yore is a lot more wear­able than it looks.

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MB&F’s HM9 Flow is the brand’s lat­est Horo­log­i­cal Ma­chine, and it harks back to the late 1940s and the 1950s, when aero­dy­nam­ics from air­plane de­signs were be­gin­ning to in­flu­ence car de­signs. This “tran­si­tion” pe­riod was marked by curvi­lin­ear forms driven more by aes­thet­ics than by sci­ence. HM9 pays trib­ute to this with its case de­sign. The HM9 serves as a “driv­ing watch”, with a dial that’s per­pen­dic­u­lar to the move­ment, so the wearer can keep his or her hand on the steer­ing wheel while read­ing the time ef­fort­lessly. Two edi­tions are avail­able: Road, which fea­tures a speedome­ter-style dial; and Air, which has an avi­a­tion-type dial.


The HM9 could al­most be mis­taken for a model of a con­cept car, given its de­sign – MB&F has suc­ceeded ad­mirably in reimag­in­ing the sports cars of the 1940s as a time­piece for the wrist. With this case de­sign, it’s easy to miss all the de­tails that make the watch what it is. The twin bal­ance wheels are vis­i­ble through sym­met­ri­cal sap­phire crys­tals flank­ing the crown, for in­stance, while the plan­e­tary dif­fer­en­tial that av­er­ages them out can be ob­served through a third crys­tal be­tween them. The brushed and pol­ished sur­faces also en­hance the gen­eral aes­thet­ics, with the im­pec­ca­bly fin­ished move­ment in­side round­ing things up to cre­ate a com­plete pack­age.


The sur­pris­ing thing about this time­piece is how wear­able it is. De­spite its size­able di­men­sions and rounded multi-part form, the HM9 is ac­tu­ally pretty darn com­fort­able on the wrist, thanks to the lugs po­si­tioned be­neath the case. The use of ti­ta­nium for the case helps, too, by min­imis­ing its weight. De­spite the out-of-this-world aes­thet­ics of his brand’s time­pieces, CEO Max­i­m­il­ian Busser makes sure they are suited for the real world in other ways: Wear­a­bil­ity is a pri­or­ity – all MB&F time­pieces have to fit Busser’s own, rel­a­tively slim, wrist first. Com­fort aside, ex­plain­ing why you have a model car on your wrist will be an­other mat­ter.

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