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This Issue We’re Exercising Our Femfluence


More than one woman within these pages shared that the reason she agreed to give an interview, despite her tight schedule, was because representa­tion and voice matters. And this is why I’m proud that this Femfluence Edition of The Peak is the first I get to work on as editor-in-chief.

Hi, I’m Lauren Tan, and it’s my privilege to make your acquaintan­ce.

Some who know me from my past jobs know I’ve always refrained from theming an entire issue around gender. (I also find it hard to understand why so many awards, whether in business or even the arts, would establish women-specific categories as a solution to inequality, but I shan’t digress.) Attitudes can change. What struck me when meeting the women in this issue— especially cover person Bee Kheng Tay— is the way their leadership is marked by both passion and compassion. I’d be glad if this magazine extends their spheres of influence even the littlest bit.

Speaking of influence, when a friend’s mum learned I was about to take on a role at The Peak, I could feel her excitement. “I know The Peak!” she enthused. “We used to get copies at the office and looked forward to seeing who were featured.” Had I needed convincing (I didn’t) that The Peak was an excellent opportunit­y to pursue, this was it. Few have a distinguis­hed legacy like ours. But what’s altogether more exciting is this electrifyi­ng new environmen­t we’re in today—and we want you along for the journey. www.thepeakmag­

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