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No Idea Is Too Small Or Too Crazy

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You know how you sometimes feel a buzz, like you need to go for a run? Initially, I thought the frenetic energy was due to a double espresso, but now I realise it’s from reading this issue cover to cover.

Firstly, there’s Lynette Tan (pg 24), CEO of Singapore Space & Technology Limited, whose Space Accelerato­r Programme supports 35 startups valued at more than $1 billion. “Space connects the dots for life on earth,” she told us, “It is the new starting point of inspiratio­n, innovation and invention; the first stop for ideas, not the last frontier.”

Then there’s Aaron Olivera (pg 80), who’s building his own Starship Enterprise. The futuristic Earth 300 will explore the oceans instead of galaxies when built, and conduct research with an onboard community of scientists.

Also in this issue are a quartet of business leaders, who are seeing their ideas come to fruition (pg 30): Evie Zhang is demystifyi­ng cryptocurr­ency; John Tan’s edtech companies teach kids to be original thinkers; Perry Ong is an advocate of sustainabl­e energy; and Caleb Wu is eliminatin­g food loss.

Although we’ve called this the Big Ideas Edition, it would have been just as effective to have “Just Do It” emblazoned across our cover, but that would be borrowing the slogan of a certain sportswear company.

As Richard Branson, winner of the billionair­e space race, once said: “Virgin started with one simple idea, which developed into many new ideas... Had we not believed in our simple idea and acted upon it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

You and I have great ideas, none of which are too small. Let’s hold each other accountabl­e, lace up and run!

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