The Peak (Singapore)

Excel In A High-Speed Chase

Maserati’s new MC20 has rolled into town, and it’s hard not to like it.


We’ll say it. The Maserati legacy has taken a giant leap forward. Known for the type of gran turismos that whisk a driver and companion along scenic coastal routes to their city pied-à-terre, the Trident brand finally has its first 100 per cent Maserati-built supercar. The winning MC12, you'll remember, had a Ferrari Enzo engine. With a V6 engine delivering 630 horsepower and a prechamber combustion technology borrowed from Formula 1 engines, the MC20 is built on a carbon fibre chassis and boasts prodigious power to weight ratio for outstandin­g accelerati­on (2.9 seconds for the century sprint) and a top speed of 325 km/h. While sharp handling is a given, adaptive suspension makes it an easy ride, even on a daily basis. There is buzz that the MC20 heralds Maserati’s comeback to racing with a track-only variant to come.

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