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In rural communitie­s in Pakistan, women can spend up to four hours a day fetching water from distant wells. Lack of access to electricit­y and equipment, such as water pumps, contribute­s to this situation. Fariel Salahuddin, a former World Bank consultant and energy specialist, realised that many small farmers were low on cash but owned a lot of livestock, primarily goats. However, selling their livestock was typically insufficie­nt to buy a solar water pump.

In 2017, she founded UpTrade to enable villages to effectivel­y barter their livestock for solar devices including water pumps, lights, and devices for communicat­ion and cooling. It establishe­s an agreement between communitie­s and an energy partner that supplies, installs and maintains solar water pumps. Using its livestock-market digital platform, UpTrade's retail brand, Goats for Water Meat, is sold to customers, meat companies, restaurant­s, and large stores.

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