The Peak (Singapore)

The Aesthete’s Edition


The quote in this issue that resonates the most with me is from cover person Oi-Yee Choo, a mum of two teenage girls and CEO of digital securities exchange ADDX: “Financial education should be a life skill, no matter what path an individual takes. It needs to be a fundamenta­l part of the curriculum, but it is not recognised today.”

As technology advances and new investment vehicles rapidly emerge, we’re riding the greatest wave of market democratis­ation in modern history. And I don’t mind admitting that despite not being a teenager, I do need a good sit down on making smart, considered decisions in building sustainabl­e wealth.

In the same way Oi-Yee allows herself to invest in certain things for “personal enjoyment” (watches and art), I have my interests too (mostly in 750ml bottles). It was therefore an honour to co-host a round-table with insurance brokerage IPG Howden (page 36) on asset class evolution. Every expert, from wealth advisors and private bankers to fintech founders, was also a passion investor. One of them owned 1,000 watches, and another had launched South-east Asia’s first whisky-based token.

Whether it is art, fashion, craftsmans­hip, food or nature, we all appreciate beauty. There are just some people who invest more in artful possession­s than others.

With pages dedicated to fashion, horology, art, and interior design, and with perspectiv­es shared by leaders in their fields, this issue is for you – The Aesthete.

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