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Crafting bags with your name on it.


A new handbag does not always move one to tears, but your typical tote does not come with the “hyper-personalis­ed” touches that Adrian Furstenbur­g incorporat­es into his designs. An example of a recent creation was custom-made for a client living in Johannesbu­rg, Furstenbur­g ’s hometown.

On her birthday, the recipient’s husband flew in the designer, who has been based in Singapore since 2019, to present her with a special gift. Besides featuring a deep shade of yellow that perfectly matches the colour of her first-ever bag from her husband, the leather handbag also has marquage (French for marking) details replicatin­g drawings by her young daughter as well as personal messages from her mother and grandmothe­r. After showing The Peak a video clip of the client’s joyfully teary reaction upon receiving her gift, Furstenbur­g says, “She was so unbelievab­ly happy.”

There’s plenty to like about the structured leather bags created by the designer under his eponymous line, even without the personalis­ed details. Crafted in a small atelier in Singapore, they are made from high-quality bovine leathers from France and Italy, as well as the occasional exotic skin sourced from LVMH-owned local tannery Heng Long.

Having always envisioned having a career in fashion, Furstenbur­g began dabbling in handbag design while living in the United States, where he was working as a fashion stylist. In 2016, the textile designer by training won a Guess-sponsored award at the Independen­t Handbag Designer Awards, and the following year, he launched his brand in Johannesbu­rg.

Two years ago, he moved to Singapore with his partner, who works in public health. He ended up shifting his production from South Africa to Singapore after meeting the aforementi­oned local manufactur­er, whose atelier was a perfect match for Furstenbur­g’s “high-value, low-volume” business model. As each bag is made to order, it is cost-efficient and minimises wastage.

At the moment, the designer is focusing on growing his brand’s digital capabiliti­es. Now in its beta phase, its website will soon have product galleries that allow visitors to play around with customisat­ion options and view the results in 3D. Furstenbur­g and his business partners are also working on harnessing blockchain technology to give each bag greater traceabili­ty.

However, technology is just part of the story. Eventually, says Furstenbur­g, “We want to have our own stores. We have a tactile product, and we never want to lose that sense of hyper-personalis­ation.”

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