The Peak (Singapore)

A Watch Collection Embodying Strength and Grace

F&B entreprene­ur and investor Amanda Steckler’s favourite timepieces reflect the duality of her dynamic personalit­y.



“I got into supercars and rallying 10 years ago, when I was living in the US. My husband bought me my first car, a McLaren 12C Spider Neiman Marcus Edition. That’s when I started wearing sporty watches by brands such as Richard Mille. Today, I’m the biggest collector of McLaren cars in the world. I was allocated the McLaren Senna a few years ago, and shortly after, I got the accompanyi­ng watch, the Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren (pictured).”


“In my twenties, I was based in Hong Kong for a few years, and I was working as a flight attendant. The Piaget Dancer (pictured) was the first luxury watch I bought for myself. One of the reasons I bought it was because I used to do modern dance when I was younger. I love to perform and used to be the lead dancer in school. The Dancer is a simple and elegant watch that can be worn for day and night. I still wear it — it was with me when I was in Europe for the recent couture shows.”


“I like wearing so-called men’s watches and I think it’s just about wearing them with confidence. I opened the first Killiney Kopitiam in California and I’ve also opened three outlets here. My staff always call me ‘Big Boss’ — and I don’t think it’s just about status, but my confidence.”


“I was the one who got my husband into watches. He passed away last June in an accident, but he was always a very fun and loving guy. He was the former CEO of Avast Software, and he grew the company into a multibilli­on-dollar one. Without me, he would still just be wearing an Apple Watch, which was also introduced to him by me. I shouldn’t have got him into that because he started competing with me about how many calories we were burning. (Laughs.)”


“Piaget invited me to Watches and Wonders in Geneva this year and I also visited the brand’s factory while I was in Switzerlan­d. Factory tours help you appreciate how many skilled people it takes to make a fine watch. I was attracted to the Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Precious (pictured) because of the gradation of the colours of the sapphires and diamonds. I like different kinds of watches for different occasions. I can go without wearing jewellery, but I must always wear a watch.”

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