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Are there Singapore brands as internatio­nally known as our piquant chilli crab? (See page 32.) Beyond a doubt. And with many more on the rise.

Hegen has sold over 10 million “sqround” baby bottles that were designed as a labour of love. Cloversoft makes the kind of eco-friendly tissues you find in top luxury resorts — and which you can also buy nationwide. Allies of Skin, sold in Walmarts across the US, has a new European HQ staffed by 21 nationalit­ies who speak 18 languages.

Then there’s Castlery, which has opened a new flagship store along Orchard Road on the back of a sixfold pandemic boom fuelled by US online sales.

And Growthwell is stepping up its regional distributi­on of its squid, fish and chicken products. They’re so appetising, I’m sure that, like us, you never would have guessed they were made from plant-based ingredient­s.

This note isn’t intended as a roll call of brand names, but I did want to proudly emphasise that all of these firms are homegrown. All are led by founders with drive, resilience and a talent for first recognisin­g and then seizing opportunit­ies for growth. The domestic market may be small, but the world is their oyster.

At The Peak, we’re Singapore-proud, and these are our Singapore stories.

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