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AL­LAN CAR­PEN­TER  I’ve lived in the trop­ics, both in Aus­tralia and the Philip­pines, for the past 35 years, and I’ve never reached for the switch to turn the air-con off! [Torque web­site story: Is it harm­ful to im­me­di­ately turn on the air-con in a hot car?]

Of course, the mod­els I’ve owned with cli­mate con­trol, they take care of vent open­ings and high fan speeds to clear the heat quickly. I’m still alive af­ter all this time breath­ing the in­side of my au­to­mo­biles!

Torque Please turn to pg 84 for this is­sue’s Torque Shop Q&A, where we share more rev­e­la­tions about au­to­mo­tive air-con­di­tion­ing.

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