Be­neath the strik­ing looks of the all-new Van­tage is a se­ri­ous driv­ing ma­chine armed with a twin-tur­bocharged 4-litre V8 and a top speed of 314km/h.

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THREE-and-a-half years af­ter Daniel Craig drove his As­ton Martin DB10 into the Tiber River in the 2014 Bond film Spec­tre, the car has resur­faced (not lit­er­ally – although come to think of it, that would have been quite some­thing) as the new As­ton Van­tage.

Which ac­tu­ally isn’t so sur­pris­ing, since the one-off DB10 was based on the Van­tage pro­to­type which was then still in its early de­vel­op­ment stages. The new Van­tage’s looks aren’t a mere re­hash of the DB10’s, though. The wide, squat, al­most thug­gish pro­por­tions are sim­i­lar and the pro­duc­tion Van­tage has lost none of the Bond car’s vis­ual drama, but in de­tail the cars are quite dis­tinct.

Its nose is pointier and lower than any­thing As­ton has done be­fore, and is flanked by small, lozenge-shaped head­lamps. To­gether with a huge gap­ing grille en­cir­cled by a dis­tinc­tive pro­trud­ing lip and un­der­lined by a pro­nounced split­ter, they form a dis­tinctly preda­tory, shark-like vis­age.

The tail-lamps com­prise a sin­gle, el­e­gant LED strip which me­an­ders across the car’s tail as it rises to form a cen­tral duck­tail spoiler and then falls away to shoul­der level again.

They’re prob­a­bly the loveli­est tail-lamps I’ve seen since the “boomerang” ones on the 1990s Maserati 3200GT.

The dis­tinc­tive lip around the front grille is mir­rored at the rear, with a sim­i­lar fea­ture around the tailpipes and rear valance. Side “gills” on the front fend­ers vent high-pres­sure air from the wheel arches, and the car em­ploys var­i­ous other aero­dy­namic de­vices such as a front split­ter, rear dif­fuser and clever un­der­body “fences” to di­rect and con­trol air­flow.

Con­se­quently, the Van­tage gen­er­ates sig­nif­i­cant down­force – 80kg of rear down­force at top speed, com­pared to its pre­de­ces­sor’s 40kg of rear lift.

Seen from above, the car’s ex­trem­i­ties are heav­ily cham­fered, making the Van­tage visu­ally more com­pact when viewed from cer­tain an­gles. The front and rear over­hangs are much shorter than be­fore thanks to

Low-slung driv­ing po­si­tion, ex­tended pad­dle shifters, and ideally placed ped­als and steer­ing wheel cater to the well-heeled en­thu­si­ast.

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