Lynn’s Money Adventures


If you are between 7 and 14 years of age, you can learn how to manage your money with this book. Written by Kelvin Ho, a local author and educator for 10 years, Lynn’s Money Adventures is a guide written especially for tweens and pre-adolescent­s. You will take charge of your financial future by learning how to manage money in a smart and practical way.

This book follows Lynn and her sisters as they explore different issues on money. Lynn learns important lessons when she has to deal with her own attitude when using money. She tries to use her pocket money wisely so that she can buy an iPodTouch.

She also finds out what the “common money disease” is and how to be cured of it, understand­ing the difference between what her needs and her wants are. Along the way, her Mom and Dad give her advice and counsel her to help her make better decisions.

At the end of each chapter, there are tips and activities called Money Workout so that you can relate to the story and develop essential life skills to make, spend and save your own money.

The book is easy to follow and thoughtful­ly written in the story of a school-going girl living in the heartlands. It is a good way to introduce money sense to those who are already exposed to the concept of money, especially if they have their own pocket money to manage. Kelvin Ho does a good job introducin­g good money habits and the right money mindset.

This review first appeared on http://motherkao.com, a Singapore parenting blog. It has been reprinted here with the author’s permission

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