Superkicks: Time to Play


World Cup fever is here! The Superkicks series of books will be a great complement to the exciting matches that you may be watching on TV!

Fun-filled and action-packed, the Superkicks trio of books are about a group of boys and girls who compete to join a special soccer training programme called “Superkicks”. Organised by sports entreprene­ur Dr JJ Khan, it aims to help young sporting geniuses pursue their dreams of becoming a profession­al athlete.

The first book Time to Play introduces soccer-crazy Lee Jin, who is the captain of his school team. He learns that there might be a chance for him to become a profession­al, but only if he is selected to join the special 'Superkicks' training programme. A mystery girl Deena might just be a better player than him and he is in for a big surprise. So read the book to find out who makes the squad.

You don’t have to like sports to enjoy the story of Lee Jin and his friends. The focus is on teamwork and cooperatio­n, and these kids prove that with effort, all dreams can come true. The story moves at a rather fast pace, shuttling between their sporting exploits and school life. Relations between pupils and teachers, classmates, friends and teammates, all intertwine in this exciting story about friendship, responsibi­lity, passion and respect.

The books also come with exciting anime-like illustrati­ons that accentuate the action that fills the pages. They also help the reader to visualise and place themselves into the vivid scenes in the story. One easily slips into the world of Superkicks when reading these books. A great experience overall.

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