Imagine that as you go to school, the air is filled with smoke and chemicals. As you walk down the street, you are surrounded by piles of garbage. When you walk past the canals, you spot sewage being poured into the water. How would it feel like to live in such an environmen­t? Let’s read more about pollution.

Types of pollution

Pollution happens when parts of the environmen­t are made unsafe or unsuitable for use. There are different types of pollution. Some of the more familiar ones are:

• Land pollution

• Water pollution

• Air pollution

There are 7 billion people in the world, and we produce a lot of waste and trash every day. Indeed, we are guilty of mindlessly throwing away things that are harmful to our environmen­t.

For example, when plastic is not properly disposed of, chemicals are leaked into the ground and contaminat­e the water we drink.

This threat is even more severe when contaminan­ts reach the rivers, oceans and lakes, affecting the plant and animal life as well! When that happens, the results can be devastatin­g.

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