Self-discipline is an important part of character developmen­t, especially in the world today, where instant gratificat­ion is common. Without self-discipline, we may find ourselves losing control over our own lives and success. How important is self-discipline and how can we train and improve it?

Why is it Important?

As technology advances and affluence increases around the world, more and more people are becoming victims of instant gratificat­ion. Our ability to be resilient in the face of challenges has weakened tremendous­ly – we give up very easily. This is why self-discipline is important, to build our resilience and perseveran­ce, to face challenges and work hard for a solution. Without it, we will not be able to achieve so much more.

Set a Plan and Stick to It!

How can we cultivate discipline? One way is to set a goal for yourself, devise a plan to help you achieve it, and make sure you stick to your plan. This is the first step to achieving good self-discipline.

For instance, think about the score or grade that you want to achieve for your weakest subject by your year-end final exams. Plan a weekly schedule to help you complete your homework and do additional revision. Now, train yourself to stick to your planned schedule and you will see the results. It may be difficult at first, but do not give up and keep working towards your goal. You will soon see the importance and benefits of selfdiscip­line.

Benefits of Discipline

See how a running coach taught his students the importance of discipline on the running track and brought them to victory!

Have Healthy Habits

One way to help you stick to your plan and stay discipline­d, is to have healthy habits. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and get sufficient rest to ensure that your body is able to stay focused on your goals. Poor habits such as irregular sleep, having a high-sugar diet and absence of exercise can make you easily tired, moody and fall sick easily. With a healthy lifestyle, you will be better able to think properly and stay focused on your goals. Kick the bad habits and you will find yourself better able to cope with the challenges that come your way!.

Be Thankful

Another important way to maintain self-discipline is to be thankful for who you are and what you have.

There are many others who may not have the abilities and blessings that you have. Some children do not have the privilege of the vision that enables you to read this now. When you realise that you are blessed in your own way, you will not give in to instant gratificat­ion easily.

Reflect and Improve Your Plan

As you move along with your plan, take some time to reflect on your progress and think about how you can improve your plan. Have you followed through on your plan thus far? What can you do to help yourself complete your goals? You can even plan an incentive for completing your goal and use that to help motivate you! Remember these tips and you will soon see the benefits!

Sobering Story!

Sometimes it takes a serious incident to help us get discipline­d with our lives. It took a brush with death to wake Mr Justine Lee up and get his act together.

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