First Cul­ture Water Ke­fir

Makes 1 litre EASY

Wine & Dine Cookbook - - EAT WELL -

55g or­ganic raw cane sugar or ra­padura sugar

240ml fil­tered water

50 to 53g water ke­fir grains

1. Pre­pare two 1L Fido jars. Avoid metal uten­sils (ex­cept stain­less steel) when mak­ing water ke­fir. Fill one jar with some hot fil­tered water, till about 3/4 full. Add sugar in and stir to dis­solve.

2. Once sugar dis­solves com­pletely, fill the rest of the jar with room tem­per­a­ture fil­tered water, about 240ml.

3. Add water ke­fir grains to the full jar.

4. Cover the jar with a cheese­cloth or cof­fee fil­ter, and se­cure with a rub­ber band. Al­ter­na­tively, close the air-tight Fido jar lid for a fizzier ‘soda’.

5. Leave jar in a warm spot for 24 to 48 hrs. Tem­per­a­ture should be be­tween 20˚C to 28˚C.

6. Strain the liq­uid through a mesh strainer into the sec­ond Fido jar.

7. The first cul­ture is now com­plete. It should smell sour but clean, with a crisp aroma. You can drink it at this point. It should taste slightly tart, with resid­ual sug­ars com­pa­ra­ble to a green ap­ple. Serve chilled.

8. Restart the cul­tur­ing process by adding the same amount of dis­solved sugar water to your drained water ke­fir grains. An easy recipe to get you started on a healthy, gut-sat­is­fy­ing jour­ney.

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