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Beef comes from many dif­fer­ent breeds of cat­tle, each dif­fer­ing slightly in taste, mainly be­cause of dif­fer­ent mar­bling grades. For chef Orth, the three best breeds for beef are:

AN­GUS The most dom­i­nant beef in the US, it ac­counts for over 60 per cent of the coun­try’s com­mer­cial herd. To qual­ify as 'Cer­ti­fied An­gus Beef', an­i­mals must meet 10 strict re­quire­ments, e.g. hide colour, mar­bling and rib­eye size, and must be Prime or Choice grade. Only 1.5 per cent of cat­tle meet the re­quire­ments for the Cer­ti­fied An­gus Beef Prime la­bel.

WAGYU This refers to any of four Ja­panese breeds of beef cat­tle—Ja­panese black, Ja­panese brown, Ja­panese shorthorn and Ja­panese polled. Omi beef, for in­stance, is mainly the Ja­panese Black, which also ac­counts for the bulk of wagyu in Ja­pan. It’s ge­net­i­cally pre­dis­posed to in­tense mar­bling, and the over­all value in­creases by a higher grade of mar­bling.

LIMOU­SINE A breed of highly mus­cled beef cat­tle from Limou­sine in France, it is pop­u­lar for its lean and ten­der meat.

An­gus and Wagyu are widely avail­able in Singapore, while other high qual­ity breeds such as Sim­men­tal, Limou­sine, Gal­loway and Here­ford are hard to find here.

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