Christ­mas Magic Pull-Apart Bread

Makes 9 buns DIF­FI­CULT

Wine & Dine Cookbook - - WEEKEND BAKES -

Christ­mas may be some time away, but we rec­om­mend keep­ing this recipe in view!


1 por­tion ba­sic bread dough us­ing 200g bread flour (page 113)

Red and yel­low food colour­ing

5g matcha pow­der, mixed with a lit­tle milk/water into a paste

Black, or­ange and pink ed­i­ble food pens Bam­boo skew­ers or baked pasta sticks Melted choco­late, as needed

Snow pow­der, as needed

1. Pre­pare ba­sic bread dough (page 113).

2. Take 20g dough and colour it yel­low and 25g dough and colour it pink us­ing food colour­ing. Leave 25g plain and colour re­main­der green us­ing matcha pow­der paste. Add the colour­ing to the dough and knead un­til the dough is smooth and reaches the win­dow pane stage. Re­shape into balls.

3. Set aside for first fer­men­ta­tion. Leave the dough to fer­ment at room tem­per­a­ture for 50 mins to 1 hr. Dur­ing this time, the dough will in­crease 1.5 to 2 times in size. Do not dis­turb the dough.

4. De­gas dough. Di­vide green dough into 13 equal por­tions. Re­shape into balls, cover with cling wrap and let rest for 10 mins.

5. Gen­tly punch each por­tion of dough to re­move gas. Re­shape into balls.

6. On a lined bak­ing tray, ar­range green balls to form a Christ­mas tree. Start with a ring of 5 balls, then stack 4 balls on top, fol­lowed by 3 balls and fin­ish with a sin­gle ball.

7. Flat­ten yel­low dough and use a star cut­ter to cut star shapes.

8. Take some plain dough and shape into 2 balls to form a snow­man. Use re­main­ing yel­low dough to form scarf of snow­man.

9. Use some red dough to form a santa’s hat and some plain dough to dec­o­rate it.

10. Use re­main­ing red and plain dough to form balls to dec­o­rate tree.

11. Place dec­o­ra­tions on a lined bak­ing tray.

12. Set aside for fi­nal fer­men­ta­tion.The fi­nal fer­men­ta­tion at room tem­per­a­ture may take 45 mins to 1 hr, de­pend­ing on the hu­mid­ity and room tem­per­a­ture. Dur­ing this time, the dough will in­crease about 1.5 times in size. Do not dis­turb the dough. Check the fi­nal fer­men­ta­tion by gen­tly press­ing the dough with a fin­ger. The dough should bounce back. If not, the dough needs more time.

13. When the dough is ready for bak­ing, brush with egg wash or dust it with flour be­fore bak­ing.

14. Pre­heat oven to 140°C (top and bot­tom heat, no fan).

15. Place tray on low­est rack in oven and bake for 20 to 22 mins. Re­move stars, snow­man, santa’s hat and balls af­ter 7 to 8 mins. Dur­ing fi­nal 10 to 12 mins of bak­ing, cover buns with a sheet of alu­minium foil or bak­ing pa­per to pre­vent un­even or over brown­ing.

16. Re­move and place on a wire rack to cool.

17. Use ed­i­ble food pens to draw de­tails on snow­man. Use bam­boo skew­ers or baked pasta sticks and/or melted choco­late to at­tach dec­o­ra­tions to tree. Dust with snow pow­der.

Christ­mas Magic Pull-Apart Bread

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