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Promotes customer self-service without compromisi­ng experience


In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, Koo Kee Restaurant at 100 Jalan Sultan embarked on the implementa­tion of self-service kiosk earlier this year as the restaurant was going through renovation for a new concept.

While self-service technology is not new, but to implement a suitable system for its customers is not an easy task. Koo Kee Restaurant, being one of the main brand under Gao Ji Food (S), had a cross-function team set up to supervise the design as well as the implementa­tion of the self-service concept.

The system provider in this project, Flex-Solver, is a local retail IT company serving primarily F&B businesses in Singapore. To ensure smooth developmen­t process and successful system deployment, the project management team worked closely with Gao Ji Food (S) to identify the potential gaps, profile customer groups, study the existing menu, prototype menu presentati­on and finally deliver a customised solution.

While many restaurant­s nowadays try to simplify their menus, Koo Kee Restaurant offers a wide range of food selection, from its signature Yong Tow Foo, Chicken Rice, Laksa to dessert items. It is indeed a one-stop solution for friends and families to enjoy local Singaporea­n cuisine. To lessen the workload of cashiers and kitchen staff of this 24-hour outlet, customer self-service is the key.

The ultimate goal for this major revamping is two-fold, while the selfservic­e system must enhance operation efficiency; it should improve customer experience too. A lot of technical design and thinking were put in to achieve these two seemly conflictin­g objectives. Therefore, anyone who has ever used the self-service kiosks at Koo Kee Restaurant will be impressed by the effort involved in making the user interface friendly to all age groups as well as the degree of customisat­ion allowed.

Furthermor­e, this integrated system includes : smart kitchen display, runner

“With the help of technology, we have managed to simplify the ordering process and increase efficiency at Koo Kee Restaurant, thus creating a seamless dining experience.”

- Jareth Tang, General Manager

display and a call-queue system. These displays focus on their functional­ities clear layout, big font, color coding and bilingual interface (to ensure that many of the restaurant’s mature workers can adopt to new technology).

Both Koo Kee Restaurant and Flex-Solver can agree that a successful IT project is only possible when the retailer and IT vendor work hand-in-hand to fine-tune even the tiniest detail. Also, staff training is essential to iron out any resistance to change.

Ever since the re-opening in June, most of Koo Kee’s regular customers have switched to self-service kiosk, which is indeed faster, clearer and easier! One will be surprised by how well the kitchen is utilising smart display to handle both dine-in and take-away orders efficientl­y. Most importantl­y, the manpower savings is likely to cover the IT investment in just a few months.

When you pass by Jalan Sultan Road, remember to drop by and enjoy authentic local cuisine with the latest retail technology. Most importantl­y, do feel the ‘Ambience of Smart Nation Singapore!’

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