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Match each mile­stone to its cor­re­spond­ing year. Not ev­ery de­vel­op­ment was as early/re­cent as it seems

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A. The GMT com­pli­ca­tion was first in­tro­duced

B. The first Swiss-made quartz watch, the Beta-1, was pro­to­typed

C. The tour­bil­lon was de­vel­oped around this time

D. The first lu­mi­nes­cent ma­te­rial for the hands and dial, cal­cium sul­phate, was dis­cov­ered

E. The lever es­cape­ment, the most widely used es­cape­ment to­day, was in­vented

F. The an­nual cal­en­dar com­pli­ca­tion was first in­tro­duced

G. The first self-wind­ing wrist­watch was de­vel­oped

H. The chronograph was first in­vented

I. The co-ax­ial es­cape­ment was first launched

J. The self-wind­ing chronograph was de­vel­oped


1757, 1795, 1816, 1875, 1931, 1954, 1966, 1969, 1996, 1999

When did Abra­ham-louis Breguet in­vent the tour­bil­lon?

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