Chicken Dumpling with Truffles in Chilli Oil

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100g minced chicken or kurobuta 100g tiger prawn meat 20g rehydrated Chinese mushrooms, finely diced 10 pieces white Chinese dumpling skin


2g sea salt 3g chicken seasoning powder 6g sugar 50g French truffle paste or 2g truffle oil / truffle powder

Dipping Sauce

3g sea salt 10g sugar 20g light soy sauce 20g dark soy sauce 100ml water 3g chicken seasoning powder 3g chilli oil 80g black Zhenjiang vinegar 5g coriander, finely diced 5g chilli padi, finely diced 5g minced garlic


1. Chop tiger prawn meat finely. Combine with mince chicken and mix well. Beat the mixture in the same direction until it becomes a sticky paste. 2. Add diced mushroom and Seasoning. Mix well and chill in fridge

for a while. 3. Prepare Dipping Sauce: Combine all the ingredients (except coriander, chilli padi and mince garlic) and bring to a boil. Add coriander, chilli padi and mince garlic, and mix well. Set aside for use later. 4. Divide the dumpling filling into 10 equal portions. Wrap each portion with a piece of dumpling skin. 5. Boil a pot of water before placing the dumplings in. Turn to low heat and cook till the dumplings float to the surface of the water. Gently scoop out with a sieve and place on serving plate. 6. Serve dumpling either drizzled or accompanied with the dipping


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