Udon Noodle with Pork, Boiled Egg, Vegetables & Mushroom

Xin Flavours - - 家常风味 Home Cook -

Prep 30 mins • Cook 20 mins • Serves 2


100g lean pork belly 2 eggs 4 stalks baby bok choy 4 shiitake mushrooms 30g carrot, stripped 400g udon noodles 4 crab sticks some salt and pepper some spring onions, for garnishing


1. Cook pork belly in boiling water for about 20-25 mins till tender.

Remove and leave to cool. Keep the pork stock. 2. Cook eggs in boiling water for about 18 mins. Leave to cool. Remove

shell and cut into halves. 3. Blanch baby bok choy and shiitake mushrooms. Cool under running water for a few secs. Drain and set aside. 4. Slice the boiled pork belly. Fry on frying pan over medium heat until lightly brown on both sides. Set aside. 5. Heat up saucepan with a little oil over medium heat. Add shredded carrot fry till fragrant. Add pork stock and bring to a boil. Add udon noodles and crab sticks, bring to a boil. Add some salt and pepper to taste. 6. Pour udon noodle into a bowl. Arrange carrot, mushroom, pork

belly and egg. 7. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.

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