Victorian Milk Loaf

Prep 5 hrs • Bake 18 mins • Makes 3-4 loaves

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500g Japanese bread flour 350g fresh milk 25g milk powder 2g malt powder

Prepare Autolyse

1. Prepare the autolyse. Mix flour and milk in a mixing bowl and mix until you achieve a nice smooth ball. This generally takes about 3-5 mins of slow mixing. 2. Transfer dough into a lightly greased container and let the dough rest for about 30 mins, or up to 3 hrs. The process is to allow the enzymatic interaction between flour and liquid to provide better flavour to the dough, as well as to ensure a longer shelf life and better bread volume.

Final Recipe

850g autolyse flour mixture 25g sugar 10g salt 30g butter 5g instant yeast

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