Fried Brown Rice with Preserved Olive, Braised Peanut & Chicken

Prep 2 hrs 30 mins • Cook 20 mins • Serves 2

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120g brown rice 200ml water 1 chicken breast, remove skin 10ml olive oil from preserved black olives 10g shallot, chopped 3g garlic, chopped 30g carrot, diced 3 lady’s fingers, slice into rings 30g cucumber, diced 1 tbsp pickled black olives, shredded 3 Chinese mushrooms, soak and cube 30g corn kernels ½ tin braised peanuts


some salt & pepper ½ tsp light soy sauce


some spring onions some fried shallots


1. Soak brown rice for about 2 hrs, rinse and boil. Cook for about

35-45 min. Set aside. 2. Steam chicken for about 15-20 mins till cooked. Leave to cool and cut into cubes. 3. Bring a wok to medium heat. Add preserved black olive oil, fry shallot and garlic until fragrant. 4. Add carrot, lady fingers, cucumber, pickled black olives, Chinese

mushrooms and fry till vegetables are cooked. 5. Lower the heat. Add brown rice, corn kernels, chicken meat,

peanuts and stir till mixed evenly. 6. Add Seasoning and toss well. 7. Place on plate. Garnish and serve.

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