Break­fast, fast!

Young Parents (Singapore) - - The Right Start Issue -

The first meal of the day is im­por­tant as it helps kids stay alert and fu­els them un­til their mid-morn­ing snack or lunchtime.

Bon­nie Rogers, a func­tional medicine health coach at The Nutri­tion Clinic, of­fers healthy ideas that are also quick to put to­gether.

PROTEIN SMOOTH­IES These are great for kids to drink on the go. Blend protein pow­der with fresh or frozen fruit and al­mond milk. Buy high qual­ity protein pow­der with­out added sug­ars, preser­va­tives, or ar­ti­fi­cial flavours or colours.

HARDBOILED EGGS Boil a few eggs the night be­fore and store them in the fridge. Your kids can munch on them on their way to school.

HOMEMADE GRA­NOLA Add nuts and seeds and serve with unsweet­ened yogurt. UNSWEET­ENED YOGURT Serve with berries or nuts and seeds. HOMEMADE BREAK­FAST BARS Com­bine toasted oats with nuts, seeds and a bit of honey. Press into a bak­ing tin and cut into bars when so­lid­i­fied. Whip up a batch on the week­end and store in the fridge. They will keep for about a week.

MINCE PATTIES Pre­pare and cook these ahead and re­frig­er­ate. Just mix lean minced chicken or beef with grated veg­gies, form into patties, and bake or pan-fry with a small amount of oil.

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