Watch­maker Richard Mille revs up the en­gine for the women-only Ral­lye des Princesses au­to­mo­bile rally in France, spon­sor­ing the race for the third year run­ning



As part of its ef­forts to boost brand vis­i­bil­ity among fe­male con­sumers, Richard Mille spon­sored the Ral­lye des Princesses for the third year in a row in May.

The event is Europe’s lead­ing women-only au­to­mo­bile rally. The lat­est 18th edi­tion saw 90 crews from 12 coun­tries cov­er­ing about 1,600km of France’s most scenic stretches, from Paris to St Tropez, over five days.

The com­pet­i­tive el­e­ment of the vin­tage car rally hinges on main­tain­ing an av­er­age speed of 40kmh or 50kmh, de­pend­ing on the age of the car.

By part­ner­ing the event, French-born watch­maker Richard Mille, who founded his name­sake Swiss brand in 1999, has com­bined his twin pas­sions of cars and watches.

His watches might be known bet­ter for their mas­cu­line aes­thet­ics. But he has also rolled out a range of highly tech­ni­cal and be­jew­elled beau­ties for women since 2005. Women’s lines now make up about 25 per cent of the brand’s sales.

“Women de­mand choice and I do my best to pro­vide them this in ev­ery way imag­in­able. To my eyes, we now have the best women’s col­lec­tion on earth… and we can­not eas­ily match the de­mand,” he said.

Looks like style and spunk are what his watches have in com­mon with the women who are fans of Ral­lye des Princesses.


理查德米勒深受此项糅合典雅古董车、精湛技术、体育精神和公平竞争的赛事打动,三年前开始成为冠名赞助商。品牌的首枚女装腕表于十多年前面世,其后登场的包括RM 007、RM 037、RM 07-01、杨紫琼陀飞轮腕表及RM 19-02 Tour­bil­lon Fleur腕表,成就出多姿多彩的女装腕表系列。理查德米勒说:“现代女性要求有所选择,我尽所能满足她们,我们现在有地球上最好的女性腕表系列,以至供不应求。”


Vin­tage cars lin­ing up at Place Ven­dome in Paris.

Car driv­ing along Bar­rage de Rochebut. Look­ing at the map for the day. Par­tic­i­pants of the Ral­lye des Princesses.

Cars parked along Vichy.

RM 67-01 Ex­tra Flat Au­to­matic time­piece.

One of the vin­tage cars in the rally.

Fin­ish­ers of the race are awarded tro­phies.

Back on the road af­ter a reg­u­lar­ity test.

Flag off at Place Ven­dome.

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