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Ev­ery End­ing Is A New Be­gin­ning

花会开,也必定会凋谢。这是生命永恒不变的定律。从餐馆、历史建筑、时尚、画作、科技产品,甚至是属于这个年代的数码内容,都躲不过凋零的开始。事实上,大地万物的生命从一开始就已经迈向死亡,只是迟早的问题。幸运的是,很多的凋零和结束并不意味着终结,过程当中必定有值得留下的被传承,其中有些被重新塑造,有些被赋予第二生命,有些遗下参考价值,有些永存怀念中。在这道别的最后一个专题,来看看各个领域让人唏嘘的种种凋落,以及让人期待的新的开始。再见只是一个形式,有人说生命结束后仍以灵魂的形式继续存在,就像花谢了以后很快就会在同一枝干上见到新的花蕊,不必太遗憾。别忘了曾经的拥有,珍惜此刻,就拥有永久。 Flow­ers bloom and flow­ers wilt. Ev­ery­thing that has a be­gin­ning has an end­ing — this is a fact of life. From restau­rants to build­ings, IT prod­ucts to web­sites, nothing lasts for­ever. The up­side is, the re­verse is also true. Good­byes do not nec­es­sar­ily spell the end. There is al­ways a legacy worth pre­serv­ing or el­e­ments that can be res­ur­rected to give a new lease of life. At the very least, there are fond memories that linger. In our farewell is­sue, we look back on the var­i­ous in­stances in which the curtain fell on a well-known brand, build­ing or busi­ness, and also high­light some ex­cit­ing new be­gin­nings. Good­bye is but a for­mal­ity. It might be the end of a chap­ter, but also the start of new ad­ven­ture, just as how a with­ered flower is quickly re­placed by a fresh bud. What mat­ters is that we cher­ish all that we have, while we still have them.

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