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Seven arrested in 123-man operation

September 21, 2018

Joseph Nyalunga (33) and Petros Sidney Mabuza (53), dubbed Big

Joe and Mr Big respective­ly, were rearrested by a heavily armed task force in a massive crackdown that started at sunrise on September 18. Nyalunga is a former warrant officer of White River Police Station. The arrests were made after what is believed to be the biggest operation of its kind in South Africa and followed an investigat­ion by the Wildlife Traffickin­g Section of the Hawks that started in January 2017, named Project Broadbill.

The six suspects appeared in the

White River Magistrate’s Court on September 19 on charges of poaching, theft and possession of stolen property relating to the poached horns of seven white rhinos.

A look inside Big Joe’s multi-million rand homes

September 21, 2018

Nyalunga’s property and belongings were confiscate­d the week of September 21 after it was found that he owes SARS R21 million.

Community calls for release of alleged rhino horn kingpins

October 3, 2018

By 09:00 on Thursday morning the criminal courtroom at the town’s Magistrate’s Court was packed to capacity. This was the second appearance of seven suspects who stand accused of various charges of rhino poaching. It was the two alleged kingpins, Joseph Nyalunga and Petros Sidney Mabuza, who the crowds of mostly Hazyview community members were focused on. They demanded the immediate release of the two.

Former Skukuza captain released on bail

October 8, 2018

Lubisi was granted bail today. Six other accused, including Nyalunga and Petros Mabuza, remain in custody. Lubisi was charged with six other accused, but, according to the prosecutio­n, they could only connect him to one of the charges. On these grounds they did not oppose his bail and he was heard separately from the remaining accused.

Five of the other accused, Petros Sidney Mabuza, Claude Lubisi, Clyde Mnisi, Aretha Mhlanga and Rachel Qwebana applied for bail at the same court today as the formal bail hearing started.

Rhino poaching task force afraid as bail applicatio­n continues

October 16, 2018

The team members investigat­ing the alleged poaching syndicate recently exposed, fear for their lives daily. Investigat­ing officer Capt Leroy

Bruwer testified in the rhino poaching accused’s bail applicatio­ns on Friday that he had been assaulted by protesters who demanded the release of the accused. He also alleged that the prosecutor was threatened and that his own car, as well as one of the vehicles of the Hawks, was damaged.

Alleged rhino poachers still in custody

October 24, 2018

The six accused on charges related to rhino poaching appeared one final time for their bail hearing today. The defence gave their final arguments as to why bail should be granted listing various reasons for all six the accused including the fact that they are not flight risks and that they will not intimidate any of the witnesses.

Time caught up with the hearing and the state will submit their final arguments in writing to magistrate Ngobeni on Monday along with a final argument from Nyalunga’s defence.

He is also appealing for bail on an additional charge related to illegal hunting.

The matter has been postponed to November 2 for verdict on the bail applicatio­n.

Court cancels sale of Big Joe’s possession­s

October 27, 2018

The possession­s of alleged rhino horn kingpin, Joseph “Big Joe” Nyalunga, which were confiscate­d by SARS, will no longer go on auction again in White River on Saturday.

The first of these auctions was supposed to be held on Wednesday, but both have been stopped after an urgent court applicatio­n granted by the High Court.

BREAKING NEWS: Alleged rhino poachers get bail

November 2, 2018

The six accused that are being charged with charges related to rhino poaching, received bail today at the White River Magistrate’s court.

Joseph Nyalunga was released on bail of R120 000.

On Nyalunga’s additional charges related to illegal hunting, he was also granted bail and let off on a warning.

The case is postponed to January 21 2019.

Community ecstatic, NGO’s disappoint­ed as alleged poachers get bail

November 7, 2018

Supporters of the six accused charged with criminal offences related to rhino poaching were ecstatic after they received bail at the White River Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Alleged poachers make swift appearance in court

January 24, 2019

The seven accused who were arrested on charges related to rhino poaching in September appeared in the White River Magistrate’s Court on Monday. During the proceeding­s resident magistrate VK Mtshweni agreed with both the state and defence team and the case was postponed to April 15.

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