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Mandla Msibi reports for duty

- Mbekezeli Mbuli

MBOMBELA - Following his murder charges being provisiona­lly withdrawn, the Mpumalanga ANC treasurer, Mandla Msibi, will for the first time since he was elected into this position, see the inside of his new office and draw a plan of action to help grow the ANC’s ailing finances.

He told Lowvelder he was ready to serve and help raise much-needed funds for the organisati­on.

“I was elected by Congress because the ANC membership had faith in me, and now it is time to work and deliver on the mandate entrusted to me by the organisati­on. I am ready to hit the ground running,” said Msibi.

On Monday, Msibi also attended his first provincial executive committee meeting since stepping aside in April, as per the ANC’s step-aside rules.

‘The Mpumalanga ANC notes and welcomes the withdrawal of charges against its provincial treasurer’

The Mpumalanga ANC had issued a statement in which it confirmed that Msibi would report for work on Tuesday September 6.

“The Mpumalanga ANC notes and welcomes the withdrawal of charges against its provincial treasurer, Msibi, by the Mpumalanga Division of the High Court. The ANC would like to express its appreciati­on to Msibi for conducting himself in a discipline­d manner throughout the court processes and for respecting the ANC’s step-aside rule. Msibi will resume his responsibi­lities as the ANC provincial treasurer from September 6.

“It is our firm view that now that we have a full-time provincial treasurer, the ANC’s financial matters will be stabilised, as it is the sole responsibi­lity of the provincial treasurer to ensure that the organisati­on’s programmes are financiall­y supported for smooth implementa­tion,” read the ANC’s statement.

Msibi returned to work after the Mbombela High Court had provisiona­lly withdrawn charges against him and five other co-accused on Monday, due to outstandin­g informatio­n.

 ?? ?? The Mpumalanga ANC’s treasurer, Mandla Msibi.
The Mpumalanga ANC’s treasurer, Mandla Msibi.

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