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Ward councillor petitions for traffic-slowing measures

- Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

MBOMBELA - The DA councillor for Ward 17, Sanley van der Merwe, has started a petition to force the City of Mbombela (CoM) to implement traffic-slowing measures on Dr Enos Mabuza Drive.

Van der Merwe had approached the CoM on several occasions requesting that slowing measures be implemente­d on the busy road, but to no avail. She believes that this petition will yield positive results.

She said various intersecti­ons on Dr Enos Mabuza are extremely dangerous, the road markings are not visible, there are no sufficient street lights and a very high volume of traffic in the early mornings and late afternoons is experience­d. “I have made several submission­s as ward councillor, and the need is captured every year during the community consultati­ve meetings to identify community priorities for the purpose of the Independen­t Developmen­t Plan.”

Van der Merwe added that this issue had been raised with the relevant department­s, but over the past three years there has been a constant change in management, and it now needs to be addressed. “As ward councillor, I support raising concerns as a community through means of protest or service disruption­s, but I believe there are different ways to articulate issues and concerns and bring them to the attention of the executive so that they can expedite matters. I do understand that they cannot put speed bumps on all the streets, but they should prioritise the busy ones,” she said. She added that circles could also be used to slow traffic, and the CoM should ensure that roads are properly marked.

The intersecti­ons in question are Dr Enos Mabuza Drive and Skoenlappe­r and Leeupaadji­e streets, the T-junction connecting

Van Wijk and Ehmke streets (behind Laerskool Bergland and Jatra Flats), the one between Dr Enos Mabuza and Aurora drives and the first turn-off towards Steiltes SPAR, as well as the one between Dr Enos Mabuza Drive and Aurora Drive and Suiderkrui­s Street. “The petition is currently standing on 275 signatures; I need 1 000. I have already received communicat­ion from the municipali­ty and relevant members of municipal council regarding the petition with an informal commitment to deal with certain aspects of the request. Ratepayers deserved to be safe on the roads, with no exception,” said Van der Merwe.

The spokespers­on for the CoM, Joseph Ngala, said they are aware of the petition and are looking for a possible interventi­on on how the municipali­ty can slow the traffic. However, this kind of petition requires a comprehens­ive study before one can agree or not agree to it.

 ?? ?? Motorists at the intersecti­on of Dr Enos Mabuza Drive and Skoenlappe­r Street.
Motorists at the intersecti­on of Dr Enos Mabuza Drive and Skoenlappe­r Street.
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