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Digital screen bright idea or not?

- Tumelo Waga Dibakwane

MBOMBELA - Not everyone is impressed with the new digital screen on Ferreira Street. While some motorists do not mind, others says it’s disruptive.

Nikki Reinhardt said knowing how reckless Mbombela drivers are, the screen’s brightness at night, among the non-functionin­g street lights, will lead to accidents.

“I think they should have fixed the street lights and not have placed the huge screen in such a dangerous spot. Speeding motorists will lose control of their cars while looking at it,” she said.

Inge Prinsloo said, “Businesses depend on marketing. I don't mind it at all. Anything you pay attention to, other than driving, can cause accidents, which is why motorists should focus on the road, not cell phones, eating, drinking, passengers or advertisin­g. It is the driver’s responsibi­lity to be focused. I quite enjoyed watching the ads while standing still in traffic these past two mornings and my kids enjoyed it too. They even argued less on the way to school,” she said.

The spokespers­on for the City of Mbombela, Joseph Ngala, said digital screens on streets are sources of income for the municipali­ty.

These state that any electronic sign shall not obstruct the view of motorists and pedestrian­s or be in direct line of sight of the traffic. It shall also not have subliminal flashes. Electronic­al signs are permitted only if not leading to unsafe driving conditions or having a detrimenta­l effect on the surroundin­g area.

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