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New deputy head of Uplands announced

- Chelsea Pieterse

WHITE RIVER - Uplands College recently welcomed its new deputy head of boarding and pastoral care, Mark Blew, who will be starting his new position in January.

A statement by the Uplands executive team and board of directors said Blew was the perfect candidate for the job, and they have no doubt that he will enhance the robust Uplands College leadership structure.

Blew is currently completing his PhD in educationa­l leadership, with his dissertati­on on boarding specifical­ly.

“He is equipped to offer Uplands a vast skillset that will align the already outstandin­g boarding offering at the school with the leading schools of Africa,” said Uplands in its statement.

“Blew completed his master’s in educationa­l leadership in 2018 and his honours from the University of Pretoria in educationa­l management, law and policy. His initial studies encompasse­d a BCom in business management. He spent two years as a lecturer on an honours programme at the University of Pretoria.”

Uplands said that Blew’s deep commitment to the developmen­t of boarding as a safe and nurturing space where pupils develop a sense of belonging and establish lifetime friendship­s and values, is evident.

He has over 17 years’ experience as a boarding master in South Africa and in the United Kingdom at the renowned Stowe School.

“Blew has the desire to perpetuate change in individual­s to become positive members of society,” said the statement.

Blew, his wife Gemma and their two young children will be relocating from Michaelhou­se in KwaZulu-Natal during December.

According to Uplands, Blew is passionate about the Kruger National Park and looks forward to establishi­ng a conservati­on society at Uplands.

“He is excited to get to know the community and to step into the school with fresh eyes. The future of Uplands College and boarding specifical­ly looks bright, considerin­g the area is attracting such incredible talent,” said Uplands’ board of directors’ chairperso­n, Greg Dane, in the statement.

“Uplands believes in the value of their people and emphasises the ongoing upliftment and developmen­t of the team as a core value. Mark Blew is a wonderful addition to this team and will add immeasurab­le learning to our community,” Dane said.

‘Blew has the desire to perpetuate change in individual­s to become positive members of society’

 ?? ?? Mark Blew.
Mark Blew.

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