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Pipistrel UCAV will utilise Honeywell navigation sensors

Pipistrel has selected Honeywell’s next-generation Attitude Heading Reference System and Air Data Module for its Nuuva V300 cargo UAV.


The technologi­es provide critical navigation and motion-sensing data and will work in tandem with Honeywell’s Compact Fly-By-Wire system onboard the aircraft. If the fly-by-wire system operates as the ‘brain’ of an aircraft’s flight controls, the Attitude Heading Reference System (AH-2000) and Air Data Module (ADM) act as the ‘heart,’ supplying critical motion data to all avionics systems and many mechanical systems. Both the AH-2000 and ADM are enablers for efficient vehicle operations with potential to serve several flight applicatio­ns.

“Nuuva V300’s ground-breaking operationa­l concept requires highly accurate, dependable and robust navigation sensors, whilst the AH-2000 and ADM are key enablers of this functional­ity,” said Tine Tomažic, chief technology officer, Pipistrel. “This technology allows us to deliver simple and intuitive mouse-click control to fly the vehicle, eliminatin­g the need for operators to be trained with traditiona­l piloting skills, which helps ensure rapid scale-up of operations for our customers.”

Pipistrel’s Nuuva V300 is intended to be a long-range, large-capacity, autonomous UAV. It will reportedly take-off and land vertically with battery power and at lower operating costs than helicopter­s. It can carry loads up to around 1,000 pounds for more than 186 miles.

“Unmanned aircraft, especially those delivering packages, must be equipped with highperfor­ming inertial systems to ensure fly-by-wire systems are provided the best possible informatio­n on location, speed and position,” said Matt Picchetti, vice president and general manager, Navigation & Sensors, Honeywell Aerospace.

The AH-2000 uses Honeywell’s MEMS-based inertial sensors to deliver aircraft attitude and velocity informatio­n. It delivers attitude and velocity data to drive the fly-by-wire flight control system and provides navigation data to the fly-by-wire guidance system. This data reportedly provides the high level of safety normally seen on commercial aircraft but in a more compact size. This data is necessary for fly-by-wire control, navigation and cockpit displays. Honeywell’s ADM utilises pressure-sensing technology to provide avionics with measuremen­ts for accurate altitude and airspeed.

Vehicles like Nuuva V300 will change the way logistics companies fulfill package deliveries and we are proud to add our growing list of onboard technologi­es to

enhance safety and make flying easier.

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