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Kim was employed as Sling Aircraft’s salesman for a four-year period from 2017 to 2021. Kim was exceptiona­lly knowledgea­ble on all Sling Aircraft models as well as General Aviation matters. He was always willing to go above and beyond for the Sling customers and the company’s dealers right across the globe with the vast amount of informatio­n he had at his fingertips. In addition, Kim had a natural flair for content creation and was incredibly articulate. He created the content for many of Sling’s company brochures including the Sling TSi as well as adverts, editorials and even contribute­d greatly to the tagline of our Sling TSi slogan: ‘No matter the Mission’ as well as the new Sling 4 High Wing slogan: ‘Go Everywhere Take Everything.’

About two months ago, I spent most of the day at Sling Aircraft with Kim, so that I could personally understand the new Sling 4 High

Wing. We spent a considerab­le amount of time sitting inside the cockpit of the prototype looking at the features that the

Sling design team had installed into this beautiful aircraft. As always, I was impressed with the knowledge that Kim was able to let me have about the features and expected finishes of the final product. Kim’s passing came as a shock to me, but I understand he had recently been diagnosed with the dreaded cancer and that his overall health had deteriorat­ed rapidly.

RIP Kim and enjoy the view from that Great Hangar in the Sky.

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