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In service since 2015, the H175 belongs to the super medium class of helicopter­s and addresses several missions, including offshore crew changes, public services, search and rescue, private and business aviation. The H175 is a record-setter, having establishe­d a time-to-climb record of 6,000m in six min, 54 sec and a time-to-climb record of 3,000m in three min 10sec. This long-range helicopter delivers on all counts a smooth ride, excellent payload lift and outstandin­g cabin comfort. Passengers transporte­d in the H175 experience the longest air-conditione­d cabin and the most space and window surface per passenger of all helicopter­s in this class. Vibration and sound levels are very low, even at high cruise speeds. Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s latest PT6C67E, the H175 benefits from strong performanc­e and large power reserves, which support efficiency and safety during take-off and landing, rig approach, hovering and hoisting.

 ??  ?? Airbus H175
Airbus H175

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