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Integratin­g speed, reliabilit­y, performanc­e, maneuverab­ility, the IFR-certified Bell 407GXi has more than six million global flight hours and it is ready to handle your mission. The aircraft has a cabin configurab­le for an array of missions and payloads. Its Rolls-Royce 250-C47E/4 turbine Dual Channel FADEC engine delivers exceptiona­l hot and high performanc­e with the ability to cruise at 133 knots (246 km/h).

The spacious cabin has five passenger seats with an additional passenger seat in the cockpit in single-pilot operations. For added passenger comfort, the Bell 407GXi also provides a quiet and smooth ride in virtually all-weather conditions. The aircraft offers a few kits such as Precise Flight Pulselite® and IFR capabiliti­es.The Precise Flight Pulselite kit helps reduce bird strikes and enhances the external visibility of the aircraft. The system alternatel­y pulses landing and taxi lights to signal the aircraft’s presence to other air traffic and drive away birds. The IFR kit enables the aircraft to navigate the skies and complete critical missions despite low cloud ceilings.

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