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The multirole Ka-32A11BC helicopter is a recognised leader in its class. The helicopter is designed for special search and rescue operations, building tall structures, transporti­ng cargo internally and on an external sling, logging, medevac and complex fire-fighting missions, as well as on patrol and to support during law enforcemen­t operations.

Main features of the Ka-32A11BC:

• Coaxial design and the absence of a tail rotor mean that it is compact, high power, highly manoeuvrab­le and very easy to handle.

• High load capacity – can carry up to five tonnes externally.

• Equipped with the latest avionics systems.

• Low operating costs and an extended service life of 32,000 flight hours.

The Ka-32A11BC can operate efficientl­y in dense urban areas, difficult to access mountainou­s and forested regions and can land on small vessels, drilling platforms, as well as on un-prepared, hard to access sites. Operated by a single pilot, the cabin can be fitted with additional task-specific equipment.

The Ka-32A11BC meets FAR-29, AP-29 requiremen­ts and is EASA certified. It is operated successful­ly in Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain and Switzerlan­d.

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