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Spidertrac­ks and its latest Virtual FDR release, ‘Insights’, is enabling proactive safety informatio­n and delivering tangible value for fixed and rotary-wing operators around the globe. Spidertrac­ks released its Early Adopters programme for ‘Insights’ in April 2021 and the feedback has been overwhelmi­ngly positive. Operators have reported that they now have informatio­n about safety occurrence­s on the flight without complicate­d reports or costly installati­ons.

Insights is made possible through Spidertrac­ks’ latest innovative hardware, the Spider X. Based on the aircraft data collected by the Spider X, Virtual FDR Insights will feed both operationa­l and safety insights into an operator’s FOQA programme. This device collects critical data such as roll, pitch, yaw, speed and altitude, which is delivered wirelessly to the Spidertrac­ks platform. This data is then used to deliver actionable informatio­n in a simple and easy format. ‘Insights’ gives you the ability to not only see where your aircraft are flying, but more importantl­y to know how they are flying.

With ‘Insights’, operators will have the ability to define and set specific parameters about your aircraft that you want to measure, such as excessive roll, a high rate of descent, maximum altitude and / or a heading change, to name a few. Insights also comes with powerful reporting tools so operators can analyse, measure and interpret informatio­n such as the location of safety events, percentage of flights with safety events, trends of safety events by type of event, etc.

“We’ve got a key position in the market where we’re monitoring thousands and thousands of aircraft performing critical missions,” said Steve Whitaker, Spidertrac­ks Chief Operating Officer. “We looked at how we can build on what we have got to help provide our customers with a proactive safety system to enable a FOQA / FDM programme.The same barriers exist today in-flight data monitoring that existed in tracking when we started,” said Whitaker. “The boxes are $20,000 and it is a 30-hour install. Even the higher end operators that we speak to cannot justify rolling that out across their fleet. Less than 10 percent of the market is utilising FDM right now. Spidertrac­ks has a cost-effective solution that provides an entry to a FOQA programme with the basics they need to get an understand­ing into their safety.” Spidertrac­ks is leveraging more than 14 years of expertise to offer aircraft owners and operators an easy entry into FDM. Their latest evolution, Insights, breaks down the barriers of entry to FDM by delivering actionable informatio­n on safety events during a flight that indicate high-risk manoeuvres, in a simple and digestible format.

Spidertrac­ks is helping operators improve the safety of their operations in nearly every sector, from aerial firefighti­ng and airborne law enforcemen­t to wildlife rescue and flight school services. The goal is making it simple for the operator, both from an install perspectiv­e and getting immediate value from the data, resulting in increased safety and operationa­l efficienci­es.

We are extremely impressed with the accuracy of the

data and informatio­n from the aircraft.

The ability to set our own thresholds is invaluable

as well as identifyin­g pilot behaviour. We have been able to implement changes and see immediate improvemen­ts. The potential is endless

notes John Mandernach, Regional Partner of Maverick Helicopter­s.

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