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Starlite operations continues to expand on the African continent. Now operating three bases in Africa, the company provides medevac support to the EU, supplying both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, primarily configured for medevac operations.

Highly skilled ground and air crew, doctors and paramedics, as well as onsite training to EUTM has resulted in the efficient operations of medevac and transporta­tion. The success of the operation team was realised with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic where Starlite came to the fore with adaptation of their current helicopter fleet to include iOS Ark isolation chambers, to cope with the demand for the safe delivery of patients and protection of crew. Adapting to strict protocols, donning hazmat suits and isolation of the cockpit and patients have become a daily norm to meet the stringent health and safety standards. The fleet of Puma aircraft are fully equipped to cope with COVID patients, having had successes in medical evacuation in the context of humanitari­an missions in Mali and Kosovo for EU operations.

Presently operating a fleet of H215 and AS330J helicopter­s, Starlite’s workhorses, their legendary rugged design, excellent payload lift performanc­e and ability to operate in the most austere and challengin­g environmen­ts, have included numerous humanitari­an, military and disaster relief missions globally. The H215 offers a long-range capability and a high seating capacity of 19 passengers plus two pilots within H215’s long version and interchang­eable configurat­ions make it perfectly tailored for the ‘3H’ scenarios: high, hot and hostile.

All Starlite’s H215 Puma aircraft are currently configured for air ambulance missions with full ICU capabiliti­es. The introducti­on of the Beechcraft B1900 offers a blended solution for patient air transporta­tion from point of crisis by helicopter to fixed wing transporta­tion to the closest medical facilities offering versatilit­y to the mix.

“Such intense operations are possible thanks to Starlite’s versatilit­y in adapting to a host of different roles,”

said Alan O’Neill, Group COO for Starlite.

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