African Pilot



So light you may forget that you have a headset on when you get out of the aircraft. Made with carbon fibre material, 30% lighter than regular headsets. Connect to two devices at the same time and record out capabiliti­es to camera / digital recorder or smart phone. USB -C external power source input with AUX input capabiliti­es and dual volume control or two AA batteries 20-25 hour continues usage. Detachable comm cord for different applicatio­ns. (GA, Heli, 6 pin lemo), ANR attenuatio­n 19-21 db @ 150 Hz with a five-year warranty.

Additional Features: passive: 24 dB / active: additional 20 – 22 dB, auto shut-off, mono / stereo capability with dual volume control. Protein leather ear seals with air-foam head pad. Noise cancelling electret microphone and adjustable ‘memory’ flexible microphone boom with foam mic windscreen cover. Auxiliary audio interface: music, checklists, warnings. Custom padded protective case.

Available from Comet Aviation Tel: +27 (0)11 825 0048 E-mail: sales@cometaviat­ionsupplie­

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