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Pop­ping a wheelie can be­come your go-to trick for con­quer­ing chal­leng­ing ob­sta­cles like rocks, logs and drop-offs. You can also do a ba­sic wheel lift to clear small ob­sta­cles; but ac­cord­ing to pro rider and coach Lind­sey Vor­eis, this re­lies more on arm and back strength (rather than leg power), and doesn’t give you enough lift to scale taller ob­sta­cles or hold the po­si­tion.

How­ever, a sim­ple shift in tech­nique changes this. “A wheelie is gen­er­ated from your pedal stroke,” says Vor­eis, “so the key is to push on the pedal to gen­er­ate for­ward mo­men­tum, then rock your weight back over your rear hub; and the op­pos­ing forces will pull your front wheel up ef­fort­lessly.” Al­ways keep your arms ex­tended – and don’t pull on the han­dle­bar, or you could fall all the way back.

“You can ex­tend a wheelie for as long as you like,” says Vor­eis; but even if you can only man­age the ini­tial ‘pop’, you can still use that for­ward mo­men­tum to get over all sorts of tech­ni­cal ter­rain.

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