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MADE BY ITALIAN manufactur­er Elite, the new Direto direct- drive trainer includes an integrated, interactiv­e power meter. At R13 999, it’s one of the least expensive direct- drive trainers available – compare it to Wahoo’s R19 999 Kickr and the R21 995 CyclOps Hammer, for example.

Sure, both these models can simulate up to a 20% grade, with 2 000 watts of power output, while the Direto maxes out at a 14% slope and 1 400 watts. Still, I found this plenty to mimic the challenges of sprinting and climbing outdoors.

Like its competitor­s, the Direto is controlled via Bluetooth through your smartphone or computer, and is compatible with apps including Zwift, Trainer Road, and The Sufferfest. Elite’s app also offers predesigne­d interval workouts.

Changes in resistance are smooth, and the trainer is quiet – I didn’t have to max out the TV volume. Finally, if you live in a small space and regularly move your set- up, you’ll appreciate that the Direto is almost 5.5kg lighter than the Kickr.

Looking to up your game with some power- based training? Your buy- in just got lower. – Riley Missel

 ??  ?? PRICE R13 999 WEIGHT 15KG

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