Bicycling (South Africa)

Baggies Are IN.



There’s no getting away from it: riding in baggies for anything except racing and the hottest summer days undeniably makes you faster – just look at Manuel Fumic, the German XCO star and top-10 racer on the UCI World Cup circuit.

Finding a pair that’s both functional and stylish used to be difficult; but these days, most kit manufactur­ers retailing in South Africa should have something for you.


Yes, yes, yes… I’m a fan, and it’s interestin­g to see our market becoming more European in this regard. For multi-day races, I can understand the chafing concerns; but on single- day adventures, baggies simply make you feel more confident – and make coffee-shop stops infinitely more stylish.

There’s a certain ‘swag’ about anybody training or racing in baggies that indicates they keep a healthy distance between their identity and the training they do for their sport. Even if their legs are shaved underneath!

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