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F Use it for steep, rough ter­rain where hav­ing a hand free may be help­ful

Reach over the bike with your right hand from the non­drive side and pick it up by the down tube.

Rest the sad­dle on your shoul­der, let­ting the bike bal­ance there.

Place your right hand on the stem to con­trol the front wheel and the bike’s an­gle.

Push the front end down and back to gain more clear­ance.

Pro Tip Too short to get enough clear­ance? Loosen your seat­post clamp to lower the sad­dle height – it’ll give you more room. Or, turn the bike so it rests more on your back and hip, es­pe­cially as the slope steep­ens.


F Use it for short, quick sec­tions; flat­ter or slightly down­hill ter­rain

Reach over the bike with your right hand, grab it low on the down tube, and pick it up.

Keep your left hand on the grip or hood to man­age the bar.

You can also pick it up by the top tube for short dis­tances, down­hills, and lower ob­sta­cles.

Pro Tip Use a vari­a­tion of this for steep hills: Pick up the bike from the top tube and bar and use it like a crutch or walk­ing stick. Hold the front brake to keep the wheels planted.

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